3 Tips to Curate Positivity Online

3 Tips to Curate Positivity Online

The digital age we live in allows us to engage with anybody, anytime, anywhere in the world and see a wide range of content that someone may choose to create. 

Whew! This can be overwhelming, and people look to others to help curate the overwhelming load of content in order to be able to digest it. Newspapers only publish certain articles. Television newscasts only show certain stories. Digital algorithms built into social media channels only show certain posts.  Even though more information is available today than ever before – we live in an environment where everything is curated towards us. 

How can someone control the curation?  To get rid of the trolls and negative influences in our lives, it is important to take control of the information coming our way. Here are 3 tips to curate positivity: 

1) Positively select the sources of information you respect and trust. This can be your church, your close friends, and respected news sources.  Unfortunately, social media sites try to guess what you want to see using complex algorithms. This causes them to push unwanted content on to your feed that then needs to be reported, muted, or blocked. To avoid this, search for social media sites where you can opt in to what to see as opposed to having to opt out of everything pushed towards you.  

2) Only interact with what makes you feel good, not what makes you upset.  If you find anger rising while reading a post, do not respond, comment, like or even click the post to read more.  This will simply feed similar content your way to generate another digital response.   

3) Focus on what interests you.  Advertisers and others use provocative means to draw your interest to other items – stay true to the hobbies and passions you enjoy. At the end of the day, it is nearly impossible to avoid being pushed content, so make sure it is content that aligns with your interests. 

Curate positivity! Follow, like, and interact only with items that are central to the life you choose to lead. 

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