5 Reasons Why a Church Should Have a Smartphone App

5 Reasons Why a Church Should Have a Smartphone App

Here I Am’s mission is to help keep churches at the forefront of the digital world by providing a simple to use smartphone app that can keep the congregation connected and engaged. Below are five reasons why we believe a dedicated smartphone app is a necessity for church congregations.  

Church Information is Only One Click Away 

Dedicated church smartphone apps are great for congregants to quickly access information about their local church. Once the app is downloaded, all the content and information going on in the life of the congregation can be easily accessible from their home screen. Church members being able to stay connected with only one click ensures that they are always kept in the loop. 

The Smartphone is an Integral Part of Their Daily Lives 

According to a 2021 Statista study (Source) 46% of Americans are on their smartphone for 5-6 hours a day or almost a full quarter of the day. With so many people actively using their phone on a daily basis and going on apps more than ever, the church needs to have a place on this device. With a dedicated smartphone app, members of the congregation are only 1 click away from seeing the latest on church happenings. 

Dedicated Space for the Church 

With how much info goes out on the web everyday it can be very easy to get overwhelmed with information intake. Scrolling through newsfeeds can create a range of emotions all within a couple of finger swipes.  

Not knowing what material is sandwiched between church content is another good reason to have a smartphone app. Instead of being at the whim of an algorithm, positive church content can always be accessed in a single place.  

Push Notifications 

A simple yet powerful tool, another great reason to have a dedicated smartphone app is for the ability to send push notifications. With a dedicated app, notifications can be pushed out to the congregation to quickly inform them what is going on within the life of the church. When best used, they can help make sure that the church is kept in mind not just on Sunday. 

 Immediate Sharing and Access 

The news cycle gets shorter and shorter every day. There is always something going on across the world that grabs people’s attention. With a dedicated smartphone app that allows users to share updates with their church family, good news and info can be shared immediately with a few clicks of a button. No waiting for a monthly newsletter, or until Sunday school the next week, good news can be shared immediately to those intended.  

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