New Christian Marketing Campaign Shows how Landscape is Evolving

New Christian Marketing Campaign Shows how Landscape is Evolving

Over the past few weeks, a Christian marketing campaign launched across the United States titled “He Gets us.” With a $100 Million marketing budget and spanning across multiple media outlets, it is the largest Christian Advertising campaign of all time. Personally, I have seen the ads across news, social media and sporting events – the campaign is real and working to (re)introduce people to the love of Jesus.   

This active approach within media and digital channels marks another step in the evolution of Church Evangelism and outreach.  While the funding sources are anonymous, this campaign represents multiple organizations and individuals uniting to have an impact digitally and reach people that churches normally don’t reach.  

This campaign sticks out to us at Here I Am because it highlights a number of factors that are at the front of the evolving digital landscape. 

Scale matters  

While the promise of the internet and social media is to help local businesses to thrive, the reality is that large entities dominate the views and engagement via these platforms. They are ‘pay-to-play’ and those with large reach are able to get their message across in a powerful manner.  For a local, independent church – partnering with larger organizations is an avenue to get out the word and bring people in. 

Christianity remains present  

Early churches took their message directly into the public square to spread the word, they did not wait for people to come to them.  Today’s public forum is digital media, being present entails showing up effectively within these spaces using a powerful, clear message. “He Gets Us” delivers in this regard.  

Financial support matters 

Churches have long supported missionaries and people engaged in new outreach.  Spreading this financial support into the digital space enables great marketing campaigns to emerge, bringing people into the Christian faith community. 

The Here I Am team applauds this large-scale marketing effort and hopes to see similar campaigns emerge in the future.  A key marketing tenet has always been clarity of the message.  Jesus provides this clarity. Applying modern day marketing principles to deliver the message remains a key component for every church outreach. It is great to see the “He Gets Us” campaign emerge and succeed in this realm.  

By Tom York 

We are not affiliated with the “He Gets Us” campaign. You can read more about it by visiting their website or reading the following article.  

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