Engaging Questions to ask in the Comments during Online Church

Engaging Questions to ask in the Comments during Online Church

In a recent podcast by Carey Nieuwhof he spoke with author Greg Atkinson on how to grow engagement in the church (Linked here). One topic that they touched on was the chat feature of live stream videos and questions that can be asked in the chat to spur conversation and better engage with the viewers (around the 23 min mark). 

The Here I Am Team has observed over 50 churches in the Richmond area and we have learned a lot from seeing what different leaders do to engage with their congregation. We wanted to compile some questions/posts that we have seen, as well as some that we came up with to help increase chat engagement.  

Please leave a comment if there are any other questions that you would like to add. Like and share if you found this helpful!  

  1. How did you experience God’s greatness in your life this week? 
  2. What is one nice thing you will try and do this week?  
  3. What is one nice thing you did last week? 
  4. What are you looking forward to this week?  
  5. What is your favorite worship song that moves you closer to Jesus? 
  6. What bible verse do you think of in times of stress/ joy/ excitement/ sadness?  
  7. Describe <insert leader of church> only using emoji’s.  
  8. If you could have breakfast with one person from the bible (aside from Jesus) who would it be? 
  9. Church is more accessible than ever, send the livestream link to one friend right now!  
  10. What is your favorite non-church activity to participate in to spread love and kindness? 
  11. What is your favorite thing about <insert church name here>? 
  12. Give a shoutout to someone in the congregation!  
  13. Who are you praying for? 
  14. Where did you see your church at work this week? 
  15. Share your <insert sermon theme moment> you had recently. 
  16. Where did you see the Holy Spirit this week? 
  17. What are you thankful for? 
  18. What made you smile recently? 
  19. How will you support God’s work? 
  20. Where do you like to connect with God? 

We hope you find these useful the next time your church holds an online livestream! 

About Here I Am: 

Here I Am is a church engagement smartphone app created to help churches better connect with their congregants. We offer a closed network where members can share thoughts and happenings in the church in a safe environment. This means no ads and no outside noise. Reach out to us for a free demo and test run to see how Here I Am can help support your mission!  

Tom and Will York  

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