In Remembrance of a Friend

In Remembrance of a Friend

Last week I was saddened to hear the news of a friend passing away.  Cancer finally caught up with him after a long fight.  His spirit continues to shine brightly, leaving a positive impact on all the lives that he touched. 

I had a chance to work with my friend on a number of projects around our church community.  Whether it was trying to figure out bank account signing authority or pulling weeds in a neighborhood yard, his positive spirit was infectious. No complaints, gripes, concerns or sarcastic remarks – just a desire to jump in and solve an issue. 

Here I Am was blessed to have him as one of our first ten pilot users.  He eagerly raised his hand when he heard we were building a new technology product.  Humble in his approach, he was unsure what value he could add.   While his feedback, insights, and flexibility were greatly appreciated, it was his approach that will stay with us forever.   

A perpetual cheerleader, our conversations would always start with a positive statement.  “Wow, it is amazing what you are building” or “I love the vision that you have” or ‘‘I’ve never done this before, but I look forward to jumping in.”   

The close of each conversation would end with a brief prayer or a vibrant thank you for the talents and gifts the Here I Am team had to offer.   

Working with him, I could never tell if his illness was impacting him on a given day – he always brought positivity to the conversation or engagement.   I will miss my friend, but am thankful for his positive and enthusiastic approach to life, to new endeavors, to new friends, and to new challenges.  His spirit will continue to shine.   

Written by Tom  

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