Is Tesla Copying Churches?

Is Tesla Copying Churches?

Yesterday afternoon, the car company Tesla held their annual shareholders’ conference where CEO Elon Musk discussed the outlook of the company with investors. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, and social distancing guidelines, Tesla had to get creative with how it would gather people together to share the happenings in the company. I tuned in for a couple minutes Tuesday evening and was surprised to see that Tesla was using a similar strategy that my local church is using to have people gather.

The company setup a giant stage in the parking lot at their headquarters in Palo Alto, CA and had hundreds of Tesla’s parked in rows facing the stage. From inside the car, shareholders tuned in by watching the broadcast directly from the cars’ heads-up display.

Albeit a different setting, and with much less (zero) Tesla cars present, my church had a similar gathering just months before. 

While Tesla needed 100 of the world’s most advanced cars to make this event happen – all a church needs is a $100-dollar FM radio broadcaster to broadcast their message directly to the worshipping audience’s vehicles.  

In these crazy times that we are living in I am happy to see that everyone from medium sized local churches to companies worth billions of dollars are using similar strategies to keep the members of their organization in touch and interacting with one another. New technology and ideas continue to keep us connected and I am excited for the future of these events.  

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