Key Factors to Adopting New Technology in the Church

Key Factors to Adopting New Technology in the Church

When it comes to adopting a new technology in the church, four key factors emerge that need to be addressed: mission alignment, immediate value, identifying a champion, and accessibility.   

The first question to ask is “does this tech support our Churches’ mission?” With technology advancements happening at a blistering rate, it is important to not be distracted by the flashiest and most expensive new product, but to look for a solution that best helps its congregation accomplish its goal.  

Secondly, the tech has to provide immediate value that can be easily communicated to everyone attempting to adopt it. This hurdle can come along with its own challenges because groups of people can interpret “value” in different ways. One person may want to receive direct and real-time updates, while another may find it annoying to be bombarded with them.  One person could enjoy simplicity, while another might want complexity. Regardless of where people fall on either of these spectrums, understanding why a new piece of technology is useful for the group as a whole is an important first step in adoption. There will always be supporters and detractors of any move, but a common ground needs to be established to show how it benefits everyone. 

The third step when implementing new technology is identifying the go-to source of information for this technology. I like to call this the “champion,” as they are the biggest advocate and are crucial to driving adoption. The champion ensures that the tech gets to a place where it is most widely used. This supporter can also serve as a point of contact to help anyone who has questions or concerns about the new tech. 

The final step when adopting a new form of tech is accessibility. It is extremely difficult to start using a new product if the barrier to entry and adoption is high. Multi-step registration processes can be difficult to navigate. If one step goes wrong, frustration builds and trust erodes in the product. Having a simple and clear way for users to adopt the product is critical in making the tech useful. 

Following these four key steps are crucial for adopting new technology. The Here I Am team remains committed to helping an organization through these steps by creating a great product, combined with the right tips and education to drive adoption.    

– Will 

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