Letting Light Shine for the 12 Days of Christmas

Letting Light Shine for the 12 Days of Christmas

This past Sunday, I had a chance to hear a wonderful sermon at my home church.  While sitting in my car (we are holding outdoor services, and it was a rainy day), I enjoyed listening to a visiting pastor talk about the Epiphany and celebrating the 12 days of Christmas. This predates the song we all know, and symbolically refers to the journey of the Three Wise Men to follow the star of Bethlehem and worship the newborn Christ- letting the light shine to all. As we enter 2021, here are Twelve ways to let the light shine in a new year: 

1) Reach out to a friend, particularly if you’re worried it will be awkward as it has been a long time.   

2) Re-connect with a past co-worker.  

3) For every new gift received, pass along an item to someone else. 

4) Invite a friend to church (nowadays it is as easy as texting a link). 

5) Call your mother or father and listen to how their day was. 

6) Give your friend a five-foot putt for par while golfing.  

7) Like more comments on social media, maybe even love them. 

8) Change your conjunctions in conversations, use ‘and’ more instead of ‘but.’  

9) Take time each morning to sit outside and pray. 

10) Express appreciation and thank those who take the time to serve you throughout the day.  Cashiers, parking attendants, temperature checkers, call center workers, trash collectors.  

11) Find a local charity and sign on to their mailing list. Become aware and involved.  

12) Keep the outdoor Christmas Lights on until the Fifth of January. 

Happy New Year and keep the light shining throughout 2021! 

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