One Place for Everything in the Church

One Place for Everything in the Church

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When building a piece of technology to help aid in how a church connects with their congregation there are a number of factors to be taken into account to make it most useful. For example, the design should be simple so that it is easy for everyone to navigate, the registration process should be frictionless as to not deter anyone from signing up, and the platform should serve as a central hub for the church’s information.  The Here I Am Team has been focused on these components since the creation of the app. 

This week, I would like to elaborate on why a central hub for information is so important.  In today’s day and age there are a plethora of digital tools that are available to get news and information out to the congregation. Social media, Email newsletters, and text notifications are all tools that can be utilized to stay up to date with happenings in the church.  

All of these different channels can be overwhelming at times and confuse members as to where to go for specific information. Signups for bible study may be in one place, while registering for worship is in another.   Phone Directories may be hidden behind a password, while missional needs may be in an email.  Birthdays might be in a mailed newsletter, while bulletins might only be printed.   

Criss crossing channels of information can lead to confusion. Social media may only promote a ‘popular’ post, email might get lost, and password access scares people away. Here I Am has tried to solve this issue by providing a central hub where congregations can go for all information.  

With one click on the phone home screen, users can immediately see what is happening in the life of their church. Important information can be linked and pushed to the congregation via this channel for quick access, with tabs to provide the additional detail needed.   

No need to search in an inbox or scroll down a home feed to be pushed Church information. It is all one touch away in a central location. 

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