Prayers for Pastors

Prayers for Pastors

Written by Tom York

One of the joys of working at Here I Am is the opportunity to meet a number of church leaders around the country. We find them to be wonderful, positive individuals who are deeply committed to their faith and desire to make the world a better place.  As we continue to talk with them, we have come to appreciate the many responsibilities they take on and the high level of difficulty of their job. This week we want to offer our own prayer for them.  

Pastors are Small Business Owners

They need to lead and be aware of revenues, expenses, hiring, personnel management, working with contractors.  When something goes wrong (at any time and any day), they need to quickly handle the issue before it harms their mission.  

Pastors are Social Moderators.  

On any topic, and at any time. They tend to get everyone’s opinion as to matters – whether positive or negative.  They help navigate family issues, political dissension, passionate topics, logistical ‘input’, worship advice.  Moderating these conversations in a positive manner is not an easy task.  

Pastors are Professors

Imagine delivering a new sermon every week for your entire career.  Taking ten hours or more a week to ensure a compelling message is delivered every Sunday.  Being a comedian, a lecturer, integrating visuals – all difficult skills to master but are needed on a weekly basis. 

Pastors are Comforters.  

During times of struggle and sadness, many people call the pastor to find solace and peace.  Church attendance increases during tough times, and funerals tend to fill a sanctuary. Comfort comes from faith and community, with the pastor pulling it all together. 

Pastors are Innovators

As the world becomes digital and social standards continue to change, pastors are continuously looking for new ways for their message to cut through the clutter and resonate with people.  Change is always difficult, particularly for churches that date back hundreds (and thousands) of years, and pastors are leading the way.   

Pastors are Public Health Officials

On top of all their other roles, the past 18 months has thrust the pastor into the role of determining how to worship, when to bring people together, what health protocols to follow, how to balance the variety of inputs they receive as social moderators.   

All of these jobs are full-time roles for most people, and our pastors roll them altogether on a daily basis.  I admire the profession greatly, particularly as they do the job without a large corporation or government support. They are largely on their own, with the Holy Spirit and the comfort of the faith community to support them. 

At Here I Am, we love the role that the local church plays and have a deep level of respect for those called to be a pastor. Let’s all keep our faith leaders in our prayers daily.  

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