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Here I Am Privacy Policy

Last Updated: June 26, 2020

This Privacy policy outlines how Here I Am, a product of H5 Solutions, LLC, collects, uses and protects the
privacy of faith based organizations (“clients”) that use the Here I Am smartphone application as well as
the personal privacy of the members of the client faith based organization (“users”). The privacy of our
clients and users is paramount for Here I Am and we strive to ensure that all private and personal data
gathered for the effective management and delivery of the Here I Am smartphone application is
appropriately used and safeguarded.

Sharing and Usage of information
As a private social media network smartphone application , Here I Am will not sell or share any data within the app with any other parties for the purpose of advertising, online search improvements, marketing, mailings, demographic studies or other similar activities. As a private social media network, Here I Am only uses information gathered for the following purposes:
  • Delivering the shared information for usage of the faith-based organization
  • Monitoring the performance of the smartphone application to ensure reliability and performance
  • Monitoring usage information to inform and develop future product enhancements to the Here I Am Smartphone application

Here I Am may share information with certain partners in direct support of the performance and delivery of the smartphone application. These partners will also adhere to the standards set forth within this policy. As they may change over time, they will be identified upon request.
What Information Here I Am collects

From client organizations:

  • In support of the administration and onboarding of a faith-based organization, Here I Am
    collects publicly available information in regards to the church address and available webpages
    and images.
  • Here I Am will also collect payment information in support of product billing.
  • Here I Am may also collect private information related to the membership of the organization
    and event activities for the sake of providing this information to the registered users. This
    information may be updated at any time with the consent of the client.

From individual users:

  • During signup and registration of a user, Here I Am gathers information relating to the
    identification of the smartphone device. This information is used to enable login and
    identification of users of the app.
  • • In support of the operation of the smarthphone application, Here I Am collects information of
    individual users of the app pertaining to the posts, events, comments, profile updates,
    registration and overall usage of the smartphone application.
  • During usage, Here I Am will ask for the optional disclosure of location information for the
    purpose of enabling geographically enabled event and other push notifications. Location
    information is not stored, tracked or shared with any other parties.
Personal Privacy and Protection of Children

The Here I Am application is designed to enable sharing within a client faith based organization.
Anonymous usage of the app is not allowed and registered members of the app are to be verified by an
administrator from the client. Within the app, controls are available for a user to remove or hide their
personal information other users if desired. All parties should be aware that any information shared
within the Here I Am app will be visible to other registered users of the client faith-based organization
and should be shared in accordance with the respective community guidelines.

Here I Am is designed to be used by individuals within a faith based organization who are over the age of
12. Working with the administrators of the client faith-based organizations, Here I Am will not
knowingly allow (or list the identities of) users that have yet to reach their twelfth birthday.
In the event of a legal proceeding or request from law enforcement, Here I Am may disclose information
it has gathered in support of the specific legal request made via the appropriate channels. Here I Am
will provide this information in support of the safety of our clients and users.

Security of Data and Notification

Here I Am data and information is housed within a secure cloud-based environment (Microsoft Azure
and/or Amazon Web Services). While no transmission method or data storage method is 100% secure,
Here I Am will operate and store data in accordance with the latest industry security standards.

In the event of a data breach where stored information may be compromised, Here I Am will notify the
client faith based organizations within 30 days of identification as to the nature and extent of the breach
as well as any protective steps that may need to be taken.

Updates and Questions

The latest update of this privacy policy will be available on the Here I Am website,
Please direct any questions or comments as to this privacy policy to

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