Simple Registration is Key to Wide Adoption

Simple Registration is Key to Wide Adoption

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Last week I wrote about how Here I Am is focused on creating one place for everything in the Church, which can be read here, this week I wanted to touch on another important factor that the Here I Am team took into consideration when designing this piece of congregation facing technology. A simple, frictionless, registration process to help reduce any hurdles of adoption. 

When it comes to simple registration, a number of processes were taken into account when designing Here I Am.  Particularly with an older audience in mind, we wanted to make each step simpler than the last so that the user could get into the app in as quickly as possible.  With a younger audience, we also wanted to ensure the process would take under a minute to get started. For both age demographics, fewer steps are the key.  

To aid in this objective, Here I Am went a different route for the login process by leveraging the unique features of a smartphone. Most apps require at least an email and password to get started, while others require extra information like username and birthday. To log into Here I Am, all a user needs is their name and their phone number. The act of creating and entering a password is a deterrent for adoption.   

Once the phone number is typed in a verification code is sent to the user’s device, this is to confirm that the person is who they say they are. It also ties the user’s device to their account so that as long as the users is using the same phone, they can access their account.  Smartphones have unique identifiers that connect them with the user.  The same technology that enables payments and tracks behavior across apps can be used to ensure security. Again, no need for remembering passwords. 

The simple experience also applies to an administrator of a church to establish their church page on Here I Am.  All that is needed is to show interest and log in the first time.  Setting up a church page only takes a minute. With the ability to customize and change content later, Here I Am established a simple process. Approving members is also very simple. Once a user request access, the admin will receive a notification. If it is a known member, with two taps and within six seconds the new member can be approved and join others within their church on their smartphone.   

Simple and frictionless for the all, the user is now in the app and ready to connect and interact with their congregation. 

Adoption is the key for new church technology.A simple onboarding process is a critical step. We wanted to take a different route with the registration process to make sure that there were no issues with getting into the app.  A simple, three step process, is all that is needed. We continue to listen to our customers to make these processes as stress free and frictionless as possible.  

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