Smartphone Apps Being Used Everywhere

Smartphone Apps Being Used Everywhere

During Here I Am’s continued effort to provide easy to use smartphone technology to the local church, we have heard a variety of anecdotes from church leaders for why a dedicated smartphone app is an important part of their churches’ communication strategy.  

A recent conversation with a pastor at one of our partner churches has moved up the list for our favorite reasons for using the Here I Am app. This pastor, as well as his congregation, have been reluctant to adopt new technology in the past, and began using the Here I Am App a year ago. The congregation has steadily grown more accustomed to interacting on the smartphone and sharing important reminders as well as prayer requests. 

The reason for the switch to using the smartphone as a main way to communicate was surprising. The pastor’s cable provider switched his bill payment system to smartphone only. This was the triggering event for wanting to use a smartphone app for his local church – if the cable provider was going smartphone only, the church should be doing it as well!   

When every organization/ business has an app – whether it be Chipotle, the carwash, the dentist’s office, or the cable company – the church should be present there as well. All parts of society now use this powerful technology to make interaction with their patrons as seamless as possible and it cannot be overlooked!  

The team at Here I Am appreciates every person using the app to better connect with their church. We are excited to hear more stories on why the church should find a place on the smartphone.

Written by Will York

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