Changes Brought Along by Summer

Changes Brought Along by Summer

With Memorial Day Weekend now in the past and schools starting to wrap up final exams and graduation, the summer season is officially here.  

As a child the summer was the mecca of all seasons. After finishing chores around the house, the only responsibilities were to have as much fun as possible. As years go on this time of no responsibilities turns into a part-time summer job, then maybe an internship, to what finally turns into working full-time. 

While the summer season does not carry the same impact from when I was a child, it does seem to put the general population in a better mood. This can be attributed to the days lasting longer, work slowing down, upcoming vacations to plan for, or maybe the ability to go to the neighborhood pool 5 days a week.  

These joyous distractions, on top of people having the ability to work remotely more often, thus making vacationing easier, has made it more important than ever for Churches to have the right tools to stay connected with their members. 

Livestreaming or posting pre-recorded services online is a great way for messages to continue to reach those who are out and about. It is also great because these services can be posted on Facebook and YouTube. Two platforms that are easily accessible on the smartphone, a device that travels with a person wherever they go. 

Fully utilizing smartphone technology has increased in importance as people become less attached to their physical location. With church services occurring once a week, virtual spaces need to be created to reach people at any time so that they remain in touch with the churches mission. 

A dedicated app like Here I Am ensures the ongoing connection occurs.  Only one click away on the smartphone, an app is the easy way to reach and update members of the congregation – making them feel connected and engaged with the life of the church even when they are away from the church. 

Reaching people where they are (the smartphone) is more important than ever!  

Written by Will

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