The Global Nature of Faith

The Global Nature of Faith

One of the emotional supports we enjoy at Here I Am is tapping into the virtual network of other entrepreneurs.  At times, starting your own business can be a lonely pursuit. With past jobs in a large corporate setting, it was easy to count on seeing co-workers on a routine basis.  Small talk, ideas, mutual support and inertia of an organization were items that are easy to take for granted until one is on their own. 

I have tapped into a number of networks to continue to provide this support, guidance, and casual conversation that makes work and life enjoyable.  One that I highly recommend is Faith Driven Entrepreneur.  This is a global movement providing a forum to discuss the challenges of a startup company in the context of spiritual faith.    

Over the past year these interactions have been wonderful. Lately, I have enjoyed talking with a group of people spanning 5 continents – we only need someone from Antarctica and South America to have worldwide coverage!  Thanks to the magic of videoconferencing, we can all meet with one another every Wednesday morning.  

While we come from a variety of backgrounds – different cultures, government laws, levels of affluence – entrepreneurs share a common bond. Faith. Optimism in the future.  The willingness to take a risk.  The desire for excellence.  Confidence in God-given abilities and talents. No matter where we reside, these traits are consistent and can lead to a powerful outcome. 

As an entrepreneurial team, the more we interact with others the deeper faith in the future becomes.  Thanks to the good people at Faith Driven Entrepreneur and all those who make the startup eco-system a strong supportive network.  Seeing the impact and commonality on a global scale continues to strengthen our purpose.   

We encourage everyone to continue to support the emerging entrepreneurs and startup companies as the work to innovate and create new things across the globe.  

Written by Tom York  

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