Top 5 posts on the Here I Am App

Top 5 posts on the Here I Am App

With over 1,800 posts made so far on the Here I Am app there has been a large variety of content posted by pastors, lay leaders, and congregants. This week I will be sharing five of my favorite types of posts to see in the Here I Am app.  

5. Last minute updates – In February, it snowed three Sundays in a row for the Richmond area.  Getting the word out quickly is always easier with a dedicated app.  Push Notifications and ‘red dots’ on the home page icon quickly call attention to the schedule changes caused by snow falling. While not an exciting post it helps save congregants the commute to church on a treacherous day.    

4. Upcoming events – New groups meeting in particular are always enjoyable to see.   Whether it is youth group in the park, Donut Thursdays, Saturday night potluck or other church wide events, having a varied list of upcoming events shows the range of activities of the church.  

3. Church life updates – Particularly during a time of multiple modes of worship (in-person, prerecorded, drive-in, on the lawn, livestream), an update about the latest worship experience is always informative.   They are seen and appreciated by all who come to the app and help keep members who cannot make events informed.  

2. Missional updates – Food Drives seem to be the top missional opportunity to share.  A picture of a trunkful of food or organized bags waiting for pickup also show the impact of resources, people, and the spirit of the church helping a time of need for many. These posts always brighten my day and remind me of the great things going on in the life of the church.  

1. Daily devotionals – Taking a moment to reflect on God’s word can breathe some relief into the craziness of life. Sharing devotionals with your congregation via the Here I Am app will send out a push notification to them and remind them to take step back during the day. Using a dedicated app instead of a more crowded platform will guarantee that your message reaches and is seen by your congregation. (According to a study we recently conducted posting via an app can reach a significantly larger group

Creating a space where members and leaders alike can post about happenings in the Church is the goal of Here I Am. Each week we love to see the new content that users put on the app!  

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