Unnatural Debates on Social Media

Unnatural Debates on Social Media

During times of an election, the ugliness within social media becomes amplified.  While these platforms originally were designed to keep friends and families connected, they can also become places where fiery debates occur. Social media platforms were meant to better connect people with friends and family and those of similar interests, but why does it feel like these platforms are tearing people apart? 

It boils down to how social media has taken the naturalness out of human interaction and caused unnatural debates to emerge. When people are hiding behind a keyboard and glass screen, feelings are rarely taken into consideration and emotion is not clearly conveyed. Arguments can be typed out, edited, and posted without the real-time feedback that one gets with face-to-face conversation.  

Reactions occur after the post is made – the more outlandish, the more reaction will occur. Nuances are lost and the loudest voices prevail. 

The online shouting matches that erupt online creates a debate that never actually occurs. It is artificially manufactured through careful typing with zero in-person interaction. People leave a platform to avoid the conversation altogether, particularly if they have minimal control over the content that is pushed towards them.   

One of the Community Guidelines for posting on the Here I Am platform is taken from Proverbs 15:1 – “A sensitive word turns back wrath, but an offensive word stirs up anger.” Active debates and discussions have a detrimental effect when conducted via social media platforms. Nuance and feedback are lost.  Visibility of a point of view is driven by ad dollars and reactions. Online trolls can jump in at any time. Keep social media focused on the joys of life and keep the debates in the live environment where emotions and compassion can be properly displayed.  

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