Weekly Insight: Choosing a Smartphone App for the Church

Weekly Insight: Choosing a Smartphone App for the Church

With over 2.2 million apps available to download on the app store (Source) there is no doubt that there is an app for everything. Among these 2.2. million apps, a large number are designed just for churches, but what separates them from one another?  

Most apps created for churches are used as an easy vehicle for people to give. Instead of going through a website or writing a check, they can simply take out their smartphone and tap a few buttons. Other apps are created so that information can be relayed to the congregation in an effective way. Another group of apps provide a simple extension of a churches’ website for easy access to information. 

While these apps are helpful in some ways, a common theme of all church apps remains that they are used to push communications in hopes of engagement instead of fostering a space where engagement happens among all congregants naturally in a safe environment.  

During the COVID-19 pandemic it is important for the congregation to stay engaged with one another so that they can feel connected while spread apart. Creating a space to do that can be difficult with the noise of social media and the confusion of other platforms.   

Here I Am is creating a new way for congregations to connect with one another by providing a space where all members can share their thoughts, pictures, and happenings. Instead of having the connection be one way between church staff and a passive congregation, connections are all ways within an active congregation. This approach allows more to people to feel connected while they remain physically apart.  

Staying connected during these times can be difficult, but with a dedicated church app like Here I Am, it is easier than ever to stay in communication with those in the church.  

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