Weekly Insight: Churches Fostering Inspiration

Weekly Insight: Churches Fostering Inspiration

One benefit of working with churches and other faith-based groups is hearing a message of optimism and hope on a daily basis. Launching a new startup venture with Here I Am, these messages help buoy our spirit to make the dream a reality. Every week, we remain thankful to have the chance to talk with a number of leaders and hear their positive approach to solving problems. 

During one recent call, a church leader shared the vision of how church can reclaim a traditional role as a center for the community. Physically, the building can be a location for the entire community to meet.  Emotionally, the message presented can help support everyone. From a business perspective, the church has the potential to do more than simply looking for donations. They can play an active role in providing the confidence and passion for people to pursue their livelihood and make their business dreams a reality. 

Dropping in through Facebook live and listening to a recent Sunday sermon, the message focused on dreams. Not the abstract fantasies, but how to partner with God to chase ones dream and improve the world around us. Numerous stories in the bible exist about how people following their dreams make the world better. Noah, Moses, Solomon, John – they all had the commitment to their dreams and led the way to better future. 

Inspiration comes from a number of sources. Churches continue to provide the foundation to chase one’s dreams and create a new reality. It is a blessing to be a part of this community as we launch Here I Am.   

– Tom 

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