Weekly Insight: One Click is All That is Needed

Weekly Insight: One Click is All That is Needed

Useful technology simplifies our lives.  As churches welcome their congregation to virtual worship services, entering the service via online tools needs to be simple and easy.  A best practice has the link to the virtual service right in the middle of the homepage.  Upon seeing webpage (either via a mobile device or a computer), the first thing users should see on a Sunday Morning is the entrance to the online service experience.  With One Click, the user should be joining in with others in the shared experience.   

Execution of a task online becomes less likely the more clicks, thumb swipes, or other actions a user takes.  While a given action may only take a fraction of a second, it is one more step for a user to process.  This is known as the Gulf of Execution.  The more steps and actions needed, the wider the Gulf of Execution.  The wider the gulf, the less likely a user will complete the task.  Particularly among a senior demographic, narrowing the Gulf of Execution via fewer steps ensures successful completion. 

The promise of smartphone technology is to take the information available to simplify the steps needed to complete an action.  If someone needs to navigate multiple steps, it is less likely the technology will be used on a repeated basis.  Opening a website, finding the right tab, scrolling to the right date, clicking a link to a video, entering a password to register – all of these are steps that will cause someone to drop out, and not participate in an online worship experience. 

Keep it simple – present the right information immediately, and deliver the One Click experience for users to join in worship! 

– Tom 


Gulf of Execution and Simplicty in Designs, Euphemia Wong 

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