Weekly Insight: Overcoming the Communication Clutter

Weekly Insight: Overcoming the Communication Clutter

In today’s day and age there is a wide range of mediums that a church can use to send information to their congregation. These range anywhere from old school email blasts to posting targeted updates on social media. With the ease of sending messages across these channels, a proliferation of clutter occurs.   

How does a church know if their message is reaching their desired audience? Newsletters can be lost in inboxes by the flurry of promotions and junk that businesses send out on a daily basis. Social media posts can quickly be overrun by ad’s and posts from that one high school friend that shares their every thought.  Sifting through this clutter to find the message from a church can be annoying, resulting in the message being lost – even when someone wants to read it.  

Cutting through the clutter that is email inboxes and social media feeds is a problem every business and organization faces.  Perhaps the best answer is not to find a method to stand out within a channel, but to create a simple to use, dedicated channel for a church with a smartphone app.  Instead of cutting through the clutter, a dedicated space provides the ease to quickly find information from the church.  Conversations can easily attach to the information, removing additional steps of clutter.   

Clutter also makes it very difficult to know who is able to see a message.  On social media, the message is at the mercy of the user’s social media algorithm – mixed in with world news, friends updates, or sports highlights. Email filters are now grouping promotional items and skewing the message open rate metric, creating uncertainty as to viewing of the message.  Removing the data noise with a dedicated smartphone app provide a means to clearly analyze the viewing and impact of a message.  

Cutting through the communication clutter is becoming too large of an obstacle to overcome.  Try out a dedicated space to remove the obstacle altogether!    

– Will

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