Weekly Insight: Social Media Fatigue

Weekly Insight: Social Media Fatigue

Over the past ten years, social media via smartphones has become the dominant way that people manage their connections with others.  Facebook has emerged as the monopoly company in this environment, and people engage with this platform in a variety of ways.  Pew Research published an interesting study in May 2019 as to Facebook usage.  While 70% of adults now use Facebook in some capacity, a number of usage trends have emerged indicating the guarded approach people still have.   

Few trust social media completely.   Over the prior year, 54% sifted through the 23 options within privacy management to adjust their experience.  42% took a break from Facebook for several weeks.  And 26% deleted the Facebook app from their smartphone at some point in the prior 12 months!  While these numbers overlap somewhat, only 26% of Facebook users took no action and engaged completely with the platform in the prior 12 months.   

Why the fatigue and desire to step away from social media?  Perhaps it is the curated feed that pushes what the social media platform thinks you might like.  Perhaps it is the difficulty keeping in touch with what is important in a sea of postings.  Perhaps it is the sense of anxiety driven by keeping up with others.   

Whatever the reason, it is hard to break through the multiple facets of social media with the important messages. This is where a dedicated church app can be beneficial, it gives congregations a tool that removes the noise and caters to the experience that provides spiritual connectivity. 

– Tom

Reference: https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/05/16/facts-about-americans-and-facebook/

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