Digital Workshops

Here I Am has developed a comprehensive digital workshop to help churches thrive in today's world.

The Here I Am Team is now conducting Digital Church Workshops to help churches and their leaders become more comfortable in today’s digital environment. Having interacted with over 300 churches, Tom and Will are uniquely positioned to offer unique insights and tips to best equip churches for the digital world. Available in-person or over video conference, the team is willing to work with any group to best fit their churches’ needs. 


Digital Snapshot

The digital snapshot is a custom assessment for each participating church that takes an in-depth look at their digital presence, digital discipleship, and digital evangelism. Contact us to see example snapshots.

Digital Trends Based on Region

The Here I Am team will customize the content to best serve the churches in attendance. During creation of the snapshots, the team will identify trends unique to the location of the church.

Breakout Sessions

The breakout session is a time to foster conversations among smaller groups of churches. During this time the team will guide activities and share ideas on ways to improve digitally.


Donald B., Lay Leader

“This workshop was imaginative, well-prepared, and well-presented. The Digital Snapshot was exceptionally well done and will provide guidance for the future.”

Pamela M., Senior Pastor

“I liked the way the team presented new information and recent trends.”

Michael Y., Senior Pastor

“The information provided is useful and understandable. Kudos for this level of expertise to review our electronic outreach.”

Allan S., Associate Pastor

“I found the workshop to be a fantastic balance of both the theoretical (data about how frequently people are engaging online) and the practical (actual tips on how to improve a church’s digital presence).”